Øveraasen Airport Equipment

Team Eagle is proud to bring Øveraasen 
Norwegian Snow How to Canada.


Their snow clearing products for airports consist of runway sweepers, unit snow blowers, element ploughs and self-propelled snow blowers.

RS 400 picture A.jpg
EP 6_9 Plough.jpg
EP 6/EP 9 Plough
Runway Sweepers

The runway sweepers are the most important product group in Øveraasen current product range, and will undoubtedly be a priority in the future. The group consists of normal size runway sweepers, XXL size runway sweepers and compact runway sweepers.

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RS 400 picture B.jpg
Self-propelled Snow Blowers
Øveraasen self-propelled snow blowers are in a class by itself: with its two stage blower aggregate, they are specially designed for use at airports, which require large snow removal capacity and long casting distances at high speeds. 
TV 1000/
TV 1000+
Attachment Snow Blowers
Øveraasen unit snow blowers for airports are designed to handle all types of snow, even wet, hard-packed or icy snow. In combination with wheel loader they are very effective for normal plowing, clearing snowdrifts and uploading of snow on trucks. They are extremely efficient and flexible, as they quickly can be connect to any commercial wheel loader and replaced with other important equipment.