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Team Eagle Service & Support

Airfield Equipment Service


Our goal is to ensure that your airfield operations run smoothly and efficiently using the products and solutions that we have developed specifically for specialized airport activities.  Our service team comprises a wealth of airfield experience and knowledge and is available to you, our customers, at all times.  Whether you have a parts question, a troubleshooting concern or simply need assistance gaining some product knowledge, Team Eagle Ltd. is there for you!


Our goal is to maintain a one-call policy.  If you have an issue, concern or request, we strive to ensure that you need only to ask us once and we will get back to you before you feel the need to call again - with solutions or referrals, depending on the circumstances.


All Team Eagle Ltd. products come with exclusive warranties that cover upgrades, parts and labour.  Extended service and warranty support agreements are also available to ensure the longevity and effectiveness of your purchases.  We also offer extensive on-site and/or factory training in virtually all areas of equipment orientation, operations and maintenance, as well as systems training on all software that we have developed and customized for the airfield market.  If your airport could benefit from training in any of these areas, we would be happy to customize a package to suit your specific needs.

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