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Vocational & Military Vehicle Rollover Warning System

“66% of all fire truck accidents resulting in fatalities are rollovers.”

The Association for Advancement of  Automotive Medicine

Helping to Prevent Vocational & Military Vehicle Rollovers

As reported by The Association for Advancement of Automotive Medicine, vocational vehicle rollovers are violent, and can cause catastrophic damage. 

To help prevent vocational and military vehicle rollovers, Team Eagle has designed the LG Alert™ device that provides driver awareness of increasing threat of rollover with accelerating intensities of visual and audio alerts on approaching rollover thresholds.

  • Rollover warning device and driver training aid.

  • Provides audible and visual alarms.

  • Adjustable sensitivity.

  • Can be installed in under 1 hour.

  • Can help maintain operational readiness, and reduce injuries and medical costs caused by preventable rollovers.

  • Filters out false alarms from aggressive suspension and road ‘noise’.

“Military Vehicle Rollovers are the number one killer of our Warfighters in theater* after combat actions and IEDs.”

Military Medicine

“The drivers have acquired a sense of security and are now able to maximize the performance of the vehicles while maintaining a high level of confidence. These devices will definitely improve safety and reduce rollovers.”


Deputy Canadian Forces Fire Marshall

Rollover Warning System

“The Lateral ‘G’ system has been extremely beneficial as it provides the Driver-Operator with an early warning of pending danger and provides ample opportunity to correct the problem before an accident occurs”

Bill Wekenborg Division Commander Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas, TX

LG Alert
Rollover Warning System

LG Alerts™ are installed in 000s of vocational, emergency, and military vehicles in over 100 countries, and have helped reduce ARFF rollovers in North America by over 90% within the first few years of introduction.

LG Alerts™ are manufactured in an ISO Certified Facility.

Display Module
Bilateral indicator lights
Built-in and remote audible alarms

Base Module
Triaxial accelorometers
Adjustable sensitivity
Water resistant
Vibration resistant
Elimination of false warnings


Power requirements
12 VDC, 0.5A

Optional DC-DC power supply for 24VDC systems can be purchased.

LG Alert
LG Alert

FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-10C Guide Specification for Water/Foam Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Vehicles 4.11.8 "A lateral acceleration indicator that is adjustable for sensitivity and that provides both visual and audio signals and warnings to the driver shall be provided".





The MADASS™ is a Monitoring and Data Acquisition Storage System, designed to meet the recommendations of FAA Advisory Circular 150/5220-10E relating to performance standards of ARFF vehicles. The MADASS™ not only meets the minimum monitoring criteria identified in the circular, but also includes, or integrates directly with the LG Alert™, a rollover warning device designed to assist drivers in recognizing when they are exceeding the safe operating limits of their vehicle.

Stability Dynamics
Stability Dynamics
Stability Dynamics
  • Vehicle speed

  • Vehicle heading

  • Lateral acceleration

  • Vertical acceleration

  • Longitudinal acceleration and deceleration

  • Engine rpm

  • Throttle position

  • Steering input

  • Vehicle braking input (pedal position and brake pressure)

  • Date, time, and location for all data collected

Stability Dynamics


The R’Over™ is a rollover warning system built in response to meet the requirements of the vocational vehicle industry. Based on the successful features of the LG Alert™, the R’Over™ provides enhanced situational awareness to vehicle operators regarding the lateral acceleration forces exhibited on their vehicle, and provides for additional awareness through features like a dual load mode, plus adjustable vehicle load calibration. 

The R’Over™ is suitable for use on any non-articulated vehicle and is beneficial where the vehicle is subjected to high cornering speeds, uneven terrain, dynamic loads or by design has a high centre of gravity. The MADASS™ device is an OEM installed or an
add-on unit that may be used for data acquisition, vehicle monitoring and incident re-creation purposes

Rollover Warning System
  • Visual and audible cues for operator awareness

  • Easily installed in less than an hour

  • Touch screen setting and calibration

  • Store and download system data via computer software

  • Proven history of helping aid driver's awareness in prevention of rollovers

Stability Dynamics
Rollover Warning System


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Alarm Levels.                     Visual                                Audible

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The LG Alert™ & R'Over allows operators to safely exploit the high performance capabilities of their military and emergency vehicles.

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