Runway Condition Assessment Camera for ICAO - GRF Reporting

Real Time Runway Condition Assessment 

Team Eagle’s Runway Condition Assessment Camera (RCAM) integrates specialized optical sensors and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence software to objectively identify the type of water-based contaminants, the depth and the percentage of coverage. Used as a due diligence & decision support tool, the RCAM offers GPS and video evidence for auditable reporting, and most importantly, delivers an objective consistent assessment across all airport staff, and therefore removing individual subjectivity.

The RCAM system comes with a sensor unit including visual and Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) camera to assess percentage coverage and an infrared laser strobe to identify type and measure the depth. It also includes a GPS sensor for the vehicle and a Windows based machine learning platform that accesses an AI knowledge database to deliver a recommended Runway Condition Code.

RCAM technology:

  • RCAM 1.0 - runway contaminant coverage assessment - available now

  • RCAM 2.0 - Added capability to identify type and depth water-based contaminants - coming spring 2021

  • RCAM 2.1 - Added ability to detect de-icing and anti-icing chemicals - coming soon

The RCAM supports the Runway Condition Assessment Matrix and auditable reporting requirements for FAA-TALPA and ICAO-GRF.

The RCAM supports two vehicle mounting configurations.

BAT_RCAM_cropped_with bumper.png
Software to Automate Your ICAO-GRF
Reporting Requirements.

The RCAM system feeds directly into WinterOps™ software integrating multiple data points from various sources such as temperatures and friction values for post analysis and reporting. It will then generate the condition code assessment for review and confirmation by the user, with little to no human subjectivity or intervention.


Roof Rack Mount for Car, Truck or Van 

Back Rack Mount for Trucks


The RCAM is part of a suite of
Runway Condition Reporting Tools.