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AIROps™ is a suite of professional airfield operations & inspection management software for GRF & regulatory reporting, data analytics and optimization of airfield maintenance requirements.

Runway Condition Reporting Software
  • Accurate and complete airfield inspections

  • Geo tagged entries for exact location of discrepancies and observations.

  • Robust reporting including map-based location of each entry.

  • Customizable reports.

  • On screen filtering allows users to see just the entries they are interested in.

  • Supports multiple types of layers.

  • Windows version for use with Tough Pads or similar Windows devices.

  • If network is lost, entries are saved, and server is updated once connectivity is regained.

An airfield inspection system, AIROps™ uses a GPS receiver to provide an accurate vehicle location, and a satellite map of the airfield from an interactive CAD layer. It allows an operator to report defective lights and airfield discrepancies directly from their vehicles. All inspections are logged for recording, reporting and trend analysis.


At the end of the inspection, the operator has the ability to review the results and send in the inspection report to a centralized website for review by management and authorized personnel.


  • Provides reports that clearly indicate locations and properties of the discrepancies on the airfield map, replacing paint marking or radio reporting methods.

  • Permits marking discrepancies and transferring them to the Administration website, where the results can be analyzed using the inspection and summary reporting capabilities. 

  • Permits marking Bird & Wildlife strikes and observations outside of the regular inspection.

  • Allows electronic reporting of inspections over a wireless network directly from the vehicle.

  • Allows customizable viewing of documents using a reference library function; such as parts diagrams, inspection SOP’s, and repair manuals.

Runway Surface Condition Reporting
With WinterOps™ & ChemicalOps™


Store data for historical query, analysis and reporting based on measured conditions such as braking availability, friction and temperature.

WinterOps™ is presented through a visual display of temperatures, friction values and defined priority areas. Collecting, recording and storing event data for GRF reporting


WinterOps™ also helps efficiency and environmental savings for precise targeting of runway chemicals

WinterOps™ is an AIROps™ application for electronic airfield inspection software that helps airports with TALPA / GRF compliance reporting.


ChemicalOps™ easily integrates with chemical application vehicles; collecting, storing and transferring data related to chemical usage. Working with the WinterOps™ application, chemical applications can be added for runway surface condition reporting based on measured conditions such as friction and temperature.

ChemicalOps is an AIROps™ application for electronic airfield inspection software that helps airports with Part 139 (US), TP312 (Canada) and ICAO GRF compliance requirements.

RSC Reporting Software

General Inspection

AIROps™  General Inspection application meets Part 139 (US), TP312 (Canada) and ICAO compliance requirements.


This module is designed to help make performing general inspections easy and accurate. With built-in compliance standards to match relevant national standards, work orders can be issued directly from the reporting software.

  • Initiate and track workorders

  • Place location markers at current location

  • Track discrepancies from initial marking through repair and re-inspection

  • Customizable list of inspection standards

General Inspection

Bird & Wildlife

Report bird and wildlife strikes anywhere on the airfield. Aircraft information, damage to the aircraft, weather conditions, the species of wildlife, etc., can be reported immediately.

  • Collect, analyze and report bird and wildlife observations

  • Report any aircraft damage, and the effects a strike had on a flight, and more

Bird & Wildlife

Checklist Builder

Create custom checklists for inspections tailored to your airport. The Checklist Builder builds a checklist that is then accessible in the inspection program.

This Checklist is intended to be created by an Administrator as a definitive set of steps that should be reviewed by the Inspector.  The Administrator can set it so that if a check is failed, it prompts the Inspector to create a discrepancy or observation.

Airfield Management Software
Checklist Builder

Daily Log

Record and log events throughout the day. Easy to link related events to summary reporting. Plan daily tasks for each staff title and track task status throughout the day.

Airfield Management Software
Daily Log


ElectricalOps™ uses GPS and GIS to help airport operator correctly identify, mark and describe airfield electrical lighting issues towards quicker and easier identification for maintenance and repair

Airfield Management Software


The EMAS inspection module is designed to assist with the requirements of various EMAS inspections including at the block level.

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 8.03.18 AM (2)


Reporting on airfield accidents and events and identifying potential airfield hazards, by trend analysis and resolution tracking.

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