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Epoke A/S is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of high-caliber winter road maintenance equipment.

In particular, Epoke is renowned for pioneering achievements in the development of accurate, speed-synchronized spreaders featuring liquid application, prewet dry material application and combination spreaders that feature liquid & prewet dry material application.

The Epoke product line ranges from compact towed spreaders to high-capacity liquid and dry combination spreaders. All Epoke spreaders offer a unique principal, capable of metering and distributing material in a consistent and precise manner.

Epoke has earned a worldwide reputation for manufacturing well-designed robust machines that save time, costs and contribute to a cleaner environment.



The Sirius is available in single spinner, or twin spinner for typical airport operations, for spread widths ranging up to 16 Metres, the SIRIUS is the newest generation of Epoke chemical spreaders.


The Sirius is available with many advanced features and options, including:

  • Off-load roller and support leg system

  • 7%-30% variable pre-wet system

  • EpoMaster III controller

  • Central grease bank


Integrates with WinterOps™Pro Advanced snow and ice control system


The combi series of spreaders enable delivery of liquid and dry matter in one spreader. These spreaders are operated by means of either a road wheel, the vehicle hydraulic system or a diesel engine. These spreaders feature the Epoke dosing system, which ensures accurate and uniform delivery of all spreading materials.

The combi series feature width and quantity compensation as well as road-speed relation thus ensuring that the adjusted quantity per square metre remains constant, even if the spreading width or the speed of the vehicle is changed during operation.


Epoke manufactures an extensive line-up of smaller spreader products, everything from walk behind drop spreaders to slide-in pickup models. Below is a sampling of some commonly used models in use throughout North America.

Epoke Airport
Epoke Airfield
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