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Multi-Season, Multi-Function

Eagle CLAAS Xerion 5000 EAE

“Traditionally using 3 pieces of equipment, 3 operators and 3 hours to clear our apron, the Eagle CLAAS used 1 operator doing the same job in less than an hour, that’s almost 10 times more efficient."

Todd Tripp, CEO

Greater Sudbury Airport

Eagle CLAAS / Xerion
Xerion 5000 EAE

A new approach to reducing equipment life cycle costs.


Team Eagle offers a new innovative approach to airfield equipment purchases, allowing airports to cut their equipment lifecycle costs almost in half, while creating other efficiencies in time and manpower.


The CLAAS Xerion 5000 EAE "Eagle Airfield Edition" boasts an impressive 530 HP engine along with a infinitely variable transmission that enables travel speeds up to 50 km/h in both directions. The robust integrated front linkage can lift an astonishing 12.9 tons.

The Xerion’s 180 degree rotating cab is surrounded by glass providing panoramic viewing and a reverse sloping windshield, providing the operator with a virtually uninterrupted view.

The Xerion’s ‘Studio Lighting’ display provides an impressive 14 headlights to brighten even the darkest night into daylight clarity. Additionally, during a snow or rain event, windshield wipers all around and a front wiper that rotates 360 degrees provide an operator with the best view available.

Team Eagle offers a number of custom built, task specific attachments that come complete with quick hitches for easy hookup, including:

  • SNOGO XR-44 ribbon style blower

  • Snowblower options/sizes/capabilities'

  • Little Eagle auger style snow blower

  • 25′ reach ditch & slope flail mower

  • Wausau BMP2050HW Hotwing style high speed plow

  • Metal Pless 2640-44 AirportMAXX folding reversible ramp plow

  • Schulte FX742 – The World’s largest rotary cutter(42’cutting width)

  • Raiko Icebreaker

The Eagle CLAAS also comes with many other comfort items, including:

  • 3-way adjustable steering column

  • A/C MATIC climate control Integral heating

  • Radio CD player, optional MP3 player

  • Heated and electric rear view mirrors and 2 start-off mirrors

  • Cab forward or cab mid-ship

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Xerion / Metal Pless
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