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Safe, Efficient & Green Airfield Operations

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Best in CLAAS ™ multi-season / multi-function airfield maintenance equipment.

Eagle-CLAAS™ Xerion 5000


Devices and sensors that enhance the safety and efficiency in daily airfield operations.


Objective runway condition measurements and aircraft braking availability performance tools for FAA-TALPA and ICAO-GRF reporting requirements.

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A suite of software and data analytic tools to improve situational awareness, demonstrate regulatory compliance, and optimize operational efficiency.

A New Partnership
Eagle & Myslik Inc.

Sharing the mission to be the most knowledgeable, ethical, and customer-focused companies in the industry, Team Eagle and Myslik Inc. are excited to announce their new USA focused partnership to support the airfield community.

Eagle & Myslik Inc., with locations in Colorado, New Hampshire, and supported by Team Eagle’s Canadian operations, represents the highest quality, highest performance, best-supported equipment and products for Airports across the United States. Eagle & Myslik are very proud to be a part of the Team Eagle group of companies serving the global aerospace and airfield industries.