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SIB Cassette Brush System


When people talk about airport security or safety, what they’re normally referring to is entrance, passenger and baggage control.

But the concept encompasses much more than this. For example, it’s important for an airport to be able to guarantee the condition and quality of its runways at all times, as this can be a decisive factor in ensuring the passengers’ comfort and safety.

When SIB started developing this system, their aim was to improve on the inefficient systems they had seen in use. But as the project progressed, so did their ambitions.

As they developed the main parts of the system – the dynamically balanced core and the unique SIB original cassettes – they started to realize that they had not only created what was possibly the world’s most efficient and safest system for cleaning runways; they also created a system that optimized the owner’s financial resources and the user’s safety and health, while minimizing the impact on the environment.

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