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Raiko Icebreaker

An environmental sustainable

method for winter ground maintenance

with excellent results.

The Raiko Icebreaker is an efficient tool for pavement maintenance. Its effectiveness is based on a flexible and freely rotating spiked roller system. The roller breaks up hard, compacted ice layers on road surfaces to improve traction and traffic safety.

The Raiko Icebreaker in combination with a scraper blade can loosen and remove hard-packed ice in a single run – at a speed up to 40 km/h.


In summer, the device can be used for the maintenance of gravel roads and for road repairs following winter frost damage.


Raiko Icebreakers are pushed in front of a working machine such as loaders, graders, tractors, plow trucks etc., equipped with a tilt cylinder. These devices increase the utility of working machines to improve cost-efficiency.

Raiko Icebreaker


Equipped with a dedicated blade, the Raiko P for wheel loaders is designed to be pushed in front. The entire device can be operated by using the wheel loader’s controls. Wheel loaders are well suited for removing hard-packed ice layers from roads, yards and light traffic routes.

Raiko Spiked Rollers
Raiko P
Raiko T
Raiko IceBreaker
Raiko IceBreaker
Road Maintenance
Raiko IceBreaker
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