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Eagle Edge Lite 

Team Eagle has designed the latest in airport runway edge light cleaner technology to provide airports with an alternative to the conventional edge light displacement plow. The Eagle Edge Lite mounts to the side of a common production airport snow blower with an innovative back-cut plow design to help airport operators:

  • Eliminate the need for following and clearing snow plowed towards the runway.

  • Eliminate snow build up adjacent to and on the infield side of the edge lights.

  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated edge light cleaning machine.

  • Enhance efficiency and reduce cost with one operator and one machine.

Keep your lights visible during winter operations.

Keep your airfield operating.

Minimize costs of repairing infield ruts.


Eagle Edge Light Cleaner
Runway Edge Light cleaner
  • Equipped with a standalone hydraulic drive system

  • Equipped with a hydraulically activated gate which opens to allow the runway edge light to pass through the blade and be swept clean

  • Two hydraulically driven brushes create a rotary sweeping motion to clear snow from the lights

  • Brushes rotary speed is fully adjustable

  • The included high-definition, heated, anti-vibration, color camera and monitor system provides viewing of the gate operation and light alignment from within the cab

  • Equipped with a class III green laser sight to provide additional centerline guidance for light alignment

  • The automated air blast system keeps the camera and laser lenses cleared of snow

  • The easily accessible operator control station includes controls for: system power, gate open and close, brush speed, and camera control

  • 35-degree plow angle, back cuts and feeds snow into the attached blower head

  • Pass over and sweep lights up to 30” tall, the industry maximum allowable edge light height

  • Quick hitch design provides mounting of the Eagle Edge Lite in under 15 minutes to the right side of a common production airport snow blower

  • Snow blower mounted hitch plate has minimal protrusion out past the right side of the blower to not impede normal blower operations

Edge Light Cleaner
Runway Light Cleaner
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