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Tyler Ice Controls

Tyler Ice Controls is a leader in runway chemical applicators. Tyler Ice is a Wausau-Everest owned company, known for quality engineering and reliable products.


This chassis mounted model features tank sizes of varying capacities, including 500, 1000, 2000, 2500, 4000, and 5000 US Gallons.

Features of this model include:

  • Safe, low mounted pump station, no crawling between or under booms.

  • Flow-based control system.

  • Electric or pneumatic internal valve control.

  • Stainless steel tanks.

  • 24′ to 90′ booms.

  • Truck or trailer mounted.

  • 300 or 600 GPM product pump.

  • Flushers available either fixed or remotely controlled from cab.

  • Hose reel options available.


This is a towed, mid-sized runway chemical sprayer with all the features of a full-size truck-mounted unit. The tank size options range from 500 to 2000 US gallons (stainless steel).

Features of this model include:

  • Boom sizes of 18’ to 50’ built for the deicing industry.

  • Product pump capacity of 300 GPM.

  • Convenient pump station location, safe and easy to operate.

  • Electrically operated boom shutoff valves.

  • Flow based ground speed control system.

  • Cab controlled boom functions.

  • Cab controlled engine functions (start, choke and idle).

  • Hose reels (both manual and electric).

  • Weather proof electrical cabinet.

  • Custom hydraulic valve manifold.

  • ‘Select-a-Spray’ nozzle system (very quick changeover, just click and go).

  • Stainless steel spray bar system.

  • Break away system on the boom tips.

Tyler Ice Control
Tyler Ice Controls
Tyler Ice Controls
Tyler Ice Controls
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