The SmartAirport suite of airfield specific solutions was designed to help airfields manage their day-to-day activities including inspections, maintenance, navigation, incursion management and overall effectiveness and will ultimately lead to safer and more efficient operations. From conversations with many airports across North America, the following areas of concern were identified for our consideration when designing our modules:

  • Increase situational awareness and help prevent incursions
  • Help with regulatory reporting including SMS (Safety Management Systems)
  • Minimize chemical usage and maximize its effectiveness
  • Training for new staff regarding processes
  • Management oversight for airfield activities and issues
  • Tracking chronic problems and critical issues over time
  • Link to the maintenance process and related follow-up
  • Help identify ways to become more efficient
  • Integrate with technologies that are already in place

Safety Management Systems

Eagle Integrated Solutions supports various Airport SMS initiatives through customized program options designed to suit specific SMS objectives. Since the objectives vary from airport to airport, Eagle will customize modules to suit.

Please view this presentation for more details and ideas. Feel free to contact Team Eagle to discuss how we might be able to help you.

Data Collection & Analysis (ChemicalOps)

Eagle Integrated Solutions has recognized that our airport clients have specific needs from time to time. We have always tried to respond with the solution or clients need.

Although airfield chemical data collection has been part of Eagle systems for many years, the increased costs and environmental concerns associated with the use of airfield chemicals has prompted Eagle to offer a stand alone dedicated product for reading, tracking, storing and sending chemical usage data.

ChemicalOps Pro uses a combination of an in vehicle ‘black box’, GPS and various forms of communications devices as required by the airport, server and desktop software to allow an airport operator/manager to collect, store, view and analyze time, date, location, amount, type, and other information (as available from the chemical applicator controller) to see trends over time, monitor usage and control costs.

ChemicalOps Pro is just one of the many Data collection technologies available from Eagle and is a good example of our desire to support our airfield partners as they deal with ever changing reporting and regulatory requirements.

System Integration

In order to maximize the value of an airport’s existing equipment and infrastructure and to take advantage of the value of sharing data between the many systems found at airports, the Eagle Integrated Solutions team has developed, and continues to develop links between many common airport technologies.

These integrations include:

  • Work order management software
  • Friction measurement devices
  • Vehicle cameras (Forward looking Infrared for example)
  • Air Traffic Control systems and data
  • FOD (Foreign Object Debris) detection systems and data
  • Vehicle Chemical application controllers
  • Many types of GIS data sources
  • Many types of operating systems
  • Many types of computer hardware
  • Many types of Communications technologies

We are proud to work with companies such as Douglas Equipment and Motorola.

Wireless Communications

Eagle has utilized both commercially available communications technologies (cellular, Wi-Fi) and our own proprietary communications designs using 900 MHz infrastructures to support airfield communication requirements. We can tailor a solution to any airport environment, budget and need while considering future requirements as well. For those airports that wish to provide full, airfield wide coverage, the Eagle 900 MHz system is much more cost effective, secure and robust when compared to other similar technologies such as Wi-Fi.