AIROps™ is an effective tool in any airfield’s Safety Management System. Choose from a wide range of inspection choices, fully customizable to your airport’s specific needs and design. AIROps™ is scaleable for small, medium and large operations, and is designed to make your airport reporting and inspections paperless, accountable and more efficient.

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AIROps™ (Airfield Inspection and Reporting) is a software system that enables airfield inspectors to perform paperless, digital inspections and reports with ease.
AIROps™ is fully customiseable and designed to be an integral part of any airport’s Safety Management System.

Features & Benefits

Organize Data – Using AIROps™, your airfield inspection data is always at your fingertips, either via Inspection Reports or Summary Reports. Inspection Reports allow Airfield Inspectors to quickly prepare for their shift to see what happened during the previous one, and what is still outstanding. Summary Reports are perfect for data audits as well as consolidated maintenance reports.

Customization – AIROps™ is customiseable software, plus provides preference choices within the software. Each Inspection program has a number of lists and choices to make the inspectors tasks easier, and every item in these lists can be added or removed using the Administration software.

Accountability – All inspections are time and date stamped (when they were originally done and when they were edited), including who did the inspection and who edited the inspection. Managers can also sign off or review reports within the Administration software, rather than print off an inspection and pass it around the office.

Integrated GIS Mapping – Many of the AIROps™ modules include a GIS option that allows the inspectors to open a map of the airfield and select the GPS position of where a discrepancy item is located or has occurred. This saves the coordinates and an image of the airfield with the marked position on it, making locating of those discrepancies an easy task.

Integrated Digital Photography/Files – Choose this option to allow the inspectors to attach pictures taken with a digital camera or other files directly to the inspection. Using this option, inspectors can take a picture of a discrepancy and attach it to their report. Managers can then read the report and view the pictures to determine exactly what has occurred.

Pocket PC or Tablet Options – AIROps™ modules can be purchased for Pocket PC or Tablet computers. Pick the option that best suits your organizational needs and budget.

Developed with Assistance from Airfield Inspectors

During the design phase for each AIROps™ module, the developers worked with airfield inspectors at various airports, having those inspectors test and critique the software and making changes to ensure that each module was comfortable and intuitive to use, regardless of the inspectors’ computer knowledge. The result is software that works because the people who use it helped make it that way.


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  • ElectricalOps™ Pro converts existing airfield lighting inspection reports used by many airports into a paperless “pictorial report”.
  • Uses an in-vehicle touch-screen computer
  • Integrates with digitized, geo referenced, airfield satellite photos to identify runway and taxiway lighting, signs and other airfield features.

Operating Process

  • As the inspector follows the route around the airport, a visual map of lights, signs and markings becomes viewable when approached.
  • The system “flourishes” the lights, signs and markings as the inspector approaches.
  • Inspector only needs to touch the screen where problems are spotted.
  • Where no problems exist, the system defaults to ‘okay’ for an efficient process.
  • When the inspector identifies a light that has failed, a simple push on the corresponding light on the touch screen display effectively marks that specific light, indicating that it requires attention.
  • The system will identify where the light is for the repair crew, PLUS it will also provide information on the kind of light (make model and size) that needs the attention.
  • There is no need to leave the inspection vehicle. Simply mark the location of the damaged light on screen.
  • Improves the inspector’s working environment since there is no longer a need to be outside in poor weather conditions such as cold, wind, rain and snow.
  • E-Ops turns a routine, inefficient process into a more automated, simplified, accurate and safe operation.
  • The airfield repair crew now has a complete map, created daily, directing where they need to go and what equipment or supplies they will need.
  • Historical inspection data provides a history of the individual lights. This aids in diagnosing chronic problems such as circuitry issues.
  • Through ongoing reporting, the Supervisor has knowledge of outstanding work orders and when the work or inspection has been completed. “Closing the loop” is an important aspect of any inspection and this solution is built with this functionality in mind.


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WinterOps™ Pro is a modular system of hardware and software that has been integrated together to assist you in the management of highly complex snow events and improve the performance of winter airfield operations. WinterOps™ Pro will become a vital tool in your Snow Event arsenal, and help you to keep the airfield open longer, reduce disruptions to flight operations and improve overall efficiency and safety.

WinterOps™ Pro and previous Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) systems are installed at dozens of airports worldwide.

WinterOps™ Pro has a number of functional modules that can be selected based on the user’s needs. The system can also be integrated with existing hardware, equipment or sensing tools, as required.

Available Functionality Modules

  • Runway Condition Reporting Module – Wireless reporting and recording of Runway Conditions.
  • Equipment Collision Avoidance Module – Advanced collision warning for low visibility Snow and Ice Control operations.
  • Precision Snow Removal System – Avoid damage to airfield property
  • Advanced Snow and Ice Control – Know when where and how much chemical to apply to your airfield, reduce costs.
  • Advanced Winter Operations Center – Command and Control your Snow and Ice Control operations.


  • Increase Efficiency: Receive accurate and timely information on the location and activity of your equipment at all times.
  • Reduce Operating Costs: Apply costly chemicals only when and where required.
  • Improve Safety: Accurate and precise runway condition reporting.
  • Modular system that builds on one common GPS/GIS platform and integrates easily with DEVS, ATIMS, and many more applications as well as external third party hardware such as a variety of friction devices, temperature sensors and anti-icing and de-icing equipment.

Get even MORE out of your hardware purchase by upgrading this system to include SummerOps Pro, a virtually identical software system, only customized to handle all of your summer maintenance needs. Contact us for details.