AIROps™ Express

Airfield Inspection & Reporting – AIROps™ Express

AIROps™ Express is a device independent, web hosted application built by Team Eagle, based on decades of learning and knowledge gained from creating and implementing AIROps™ – Team Eagle’s client server based airfield inspection solution.

AIROps™ Express contains several valuable modules for today’s airport professionals, including Part 139/TP312 daily airfield inspection, airfield lighting inspection, Bird and Wildlife monitoring and control, and EMAS – an inspection module built exclusively with and for Zodiac Aerospace, the leaders in airfield arresting systems.

AIROps™ Express also comes with a Manager’s Administration module that allows for tracking of current airfield status, discrepancy review and audit, report generation, and the management of user settings.

As an SaaS – software as a service – offering, AIROps™ Express is available to airports worldwide, is easy to implement, and is constantly being updated to reflect the latest regulatory requirements for airfield management and reporting.

For more information on how AIROps™ Express can assist with your airport’s inspection and reporting process, contact Team Eagle at

AIROps Express™ Brochure: Download

EMAS module Brochure: Download