Constant tire scuffing and rubber removals have a tendency to polish runway surfaces. Major airports in the United States and Canada specify the Skidabrader exclusively to bring their runway texture back into compliance. These runway surfaces are abraded bidirectionally.  It promotes surface drainage that allows tires to make contact with new points of aggregate on the existing pavement.  The new surface allows water to escape in every direction, creating improved friction results.

This Skidabrader modification creates excellent friction numbers while reducing tire wear and rubber build-up, which allows for longer intervals between rubber removals. Some airports report this modification done periodically, actually pays for itself in reduced rubber removal requirements.

Currently dozens of military and major international airports use our services as a compliment to the rubber removal process to maintain required friction readings.  Skidabrader and its sister company Cyclone can provide both the abrading process and ultra-high pressure water process as part of a maintenance contract ensuring the safest possible runway conditions.

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