Oshkosh Snow Removal and Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting vehicles provide performance, reliability and maintainability at airports in 40 countries.

Advanced snow removal equipment provides a short turning radius and maximum power for plowing and blowing heavy snow.

Website: oshkoshairport.com

Multi-Purpose, Multi-Function Snow Equipment:

XRS Extreme Runway System

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Snow Blower Brochure (PDF): Download

H-Series XF Broom Brochure (PDF): Download

H-Series Road Blower Brochure (PDF): Download


HT Series

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Plow Trucks:

P-Series and MPT-Series

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Aircraft Rescue & Fire Fighting (ARFF) Vehicles:

The Oshkosh line-up of Striker ARFF trucks are custom engineered to offer the ultimate in fast emergency response, charging from 0 to 50 mph (80 km/h) within 35 seconds. The sleek aerodynamic styling tells you immediately these are no ordinary ARFF trucks, but a revolutionary new concept in airport emergency response.

The Striker combines unchallenged mobility with a smooth, stable ride and easy operation. The custom cab delivers driver comfort and outstanding visibility. And all systems are designed to support the highest levels of efficiency and safety for the response team.

Oshkosh Truck Corporation has shaped the technology of modern ARFF trucks for more than four decades. With the Striker, Oshkosh again sets the industry standard for performance.

Website: oshkoshairport.com

Striker 1500

Striker 1500 Brochure (PDF): Download

Global Striker 1500 Brochure (PDF): Download

Striker 3000

Striker 3000 Brochure (PDF): Download

Global Striker 3000 Brochure (PDF): Download

Striker 4500

Striker 4500 Brochure (PDF): Download

Global Striker 4500 Brochure (PDF): Download