Douglas SPD

Presenting the MuMeter®, a continuous friction tester from Douglas Equipment Ltd. For three decades, MuMeter ® has set the standard for operators of airfields to establish the resistance to skidding of the runway surface, in wet, dry or heavy snow conditions.


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The MuMeter® gives consistent, repeatable and reliable results within a proven lowest ‘life costs’ when compared against other friction measurement devices.

This claim has been proven in scientifically conducted trials around the world by organisations such as NASA, UK MOD, NATO etc.

The sturdy design with it’s fully shock absorbed suspension, aerodynamic fairings, and low centre of gravity ensures that the laterally loaded wheels remain in firm contact with the road surface at all times, even when operated at the very high speeds required by some national friction classification codes.

Snow, de-icing fluid and slush present no problem for the MuMeter® which was designed with these conditions as a key operational requirement.

MuMeter® needs NO WATER during normal testing, a significant benefit because some systems require high volumes of water just to keep their measuring tires cool. This means MuMeter®’s whole system is lighter and needs far smaller tow vehicles.

Of course when the unit is utilised for full runway classification water is specified for the tests. The in-built control system ensures that exactly the right volume of water is used when coupled to the trailer mounted self watering Tank.

Consider integrating the MuMeter® into your Runway Condition Reporting System using Team Eagle’s WinterOps™ Pro System and automating the data collection process of gathering friction and temperature values, weather tracking and condition reporting, all without leaving the comfort of the airfield inspection vehicle.