Our Team

We have a dynamic team of individuals who are all committed to enhancing the safety, efficiency & environmental impact by working with airport customers around the world!

Steve McKeown, CEO/Founder

Steve has been with Team Eagle since its inception in 2000. Previously, Steve was the founding and then managing partner of the Airfield Equipment Division of G.C. Duke Equipment Ltd. beginning in 1977 (the precursor to Team Eagle). Steve is responsible for new product development, supplier management, executive management and strategic planning.

Sam McKeown, Service Operations

Sam has been with Team Eagle for 10 years and is the Equipment and Service Manager responsible for the service team, customer service, equipment integrations and equipment refurbishments. In addition, he supports equipment demonstrations and research and development for new ideas and equipment.

Ben McKeown, Commercial Business

Ben has been with Team Eagle for 8 years and is the Commercial Business Manager responsible for sales and
customer service in North America and most recently new international markets.  In addition, Ben is responsible for
managing the company’s communications and strategic relationships with customers, manufacturers and suppliers around the globe.

Joe McKeown, Manager of Military Products & Service

Joe joined Team Eagle in 2019 looking after commercial airports around the Great Lakes in Canada and the US, and has since started working with the United States Air Force as well. Joe is also involved in new product development and works closely with the equipment and technology R&D teams at Team Eagle. 

Paul Cudmore: General Manager/Chief Operating Officer

Paul has been with Team Eagle since 2004, actively involved in the organization’s growth strategy including the support of new products and services, industry partnerships, marketing/brand development and overall team management.  

Samantha Baumhour, CHRL, HR/Finance

Samantha, has been with Team Eagle for the past 14 years, starting in Finance and adding Human Resources and Administration to her repertoire.  She enjoys the fast pace and many fascinating products of the Team Eagle group.  She looks forward to our planned growth and finding great candidates to join our team!

Linda Cato, Technology Manager & PMO

Linda joined Team Eagle in 2018, bringing 20+ years of experience managing products and programs in the high tech sector. Linda is responsible for the project management of Team Eagle’s vast project list including projects related to Service, Technology (hardware, software, electronics) and advanced Research and Development, as well as oversight of Team Eagle’s Technology Group.

Jo-Anne Purcell, CGA,CPA Controller

Jo-Anne joined Team Eagle in August, 2018 and brings over 20 years of experience in the Legal sector in Toronto, of which 13 of those years she was self-employed as a consultant. Prior, Jo-Anne spent 5 years in the Agriculture industry as a Senior Finance Manager.  Jo-Anne is a 15-year resident of Northumberland County.

Cindy Porter, Manager of Marketing & Funding

Cindy joined Team Eagle in 2018, bringing 25 years of marketing and communication experience, with a niche in
disruptive technologies. Cindy works with industry and Government to harness the resources available to successfully bring new technologies to market.